Having worked in the oil and gas industry for close to forty years, we have experienced the harsh sting of bad data and information first hand. We are unapologetically passionate about providing the best, most complete, and most objective independent analysis possible regarding commodity pricing trends – including opportunities and threats to producers, the service sector, the investment community, and large commercial consumers of refined crude products and natural gas.

MISSION: To provide accurate independent guidance on future market and price trends in the energy sector through meticulous research.

VISION: To be the energy industry’s primary authority on commodity pricing trends, proven over time.

VALUES: We uphold five core values in everything we do:

  1. Objectivity. We are independent and have no other agenda other than the success of our clients. The only way our business can offer quality predictions is through complete objectivity, and we guarantee this to you.
  2. Thoroughness. We have examined countless indicators through years of research and testing – some you might expect, some you would not expect. We are extremely creative in seeking out and incorporating new leading indicators, to continually improve and verify our predictive approach.
  3. Public Proclamations. How do you know whether a forecaster is any good without publicly proclaiming and publishing future predictions? Many companies erase their past predictions when they are disproven. We publicly make ours, publish them, distribute them, and keep them here online. Examine our track record yourself.
  4. Honesty. Do not expect us to sugarcoat our recommendations. The only way you’ll receive value is through objective, independent analysis, and we sincerely hope you will take this to heart. Not every client can integrate all recommendations easily, but doing so may be necessary, and could be a matter of business survival. The sooner we get on board with you, the sooner we can help you make better decisions.
  5. Against the grain? In the sea of forecasting advice, we do not deliberately go against the grain. However, it can end up that way. So, we accept a great deal of heat and debate, but we would rather have that than play it safe by incorrectly going with the flow. On many occasions, we do agree with some of what other market experts say, but you may find it hard to listen to our advice when everyone else disagrees. Some new clients simply listen to our advice for a few months or more before ever acting on it. This is your option; we encourage you to review our predictions, references, and case studies, and decide for yourself.