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What We Do

We convert data and information into knowledge.  

At SBM Inc., we've combined over 60 years of experience in the oil and gas industry with the discipline of scenario analysis to assist our clients in improving the quality and timing of their strategic decisions. Our input provides the client with a better understanding of commodity cycles and a clearer view of the current external business drivers impacting oil and natural gas prices. Our systems-based methodology uses key indicators to identify and track where we are in the commodity cycle and what key strategies and tactics might best be employed in the areas of :  value growth, cost reduction, value preservation, and cycle time reduction.

We utilize a number of different approaches to deliver our views on the crude oil (global) and natural gas (North America) marketplaces to our clients. Including:

  • Weekly perspectives on natural gas and crude oil price trends
  • Monthly overviews and analyses of the natural gas, conventional crude oil, and heavy oil markets
  • 24/7 Website access to over 700 charts and analyses
  • One-on-one client meetings (in person, conference call, web delivery)
  • Client training in methodology and analytical techniques
To learn more about SBM and our services or to become a client, please contact SBM.

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