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"SBM gives me a three to four month head start on my competition"
COO, private O&G Co.

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Our Client Testimonials

I have been fortunate enough to have contracted SBM's services for many years through 3 different oil and gas companies.
SBM's knowledge and advice was instrumental in affecting our decision to sell two of these companies at the very top of the NG cycle. I would strongly recommend SBM to any senior executive in the Canadian oil and gas community who wants to get a clear picture of commodity trends.
-- Bruce Murray, Chairman & CEO - Passport Energy Ltd.

SBM's research is very thorough and their interpretations are well thought out and backed up with data. I am 100% confident of the integrity and quality of SBM's work. Highly recommended.
-- John Milford, VP Exploration - Charger Energy Corp.

SBM provided consulting services to both Seaview Energy Inc. as well as a former company (Ketch Energy Inc) and the insight they provided assisted us in timing with regards to our oil and gas hedging portfolios. I feel we obtained great value for their services as we made multi-millions on our hedging program over the years. I would recommend their insightful, unbiased information to anyone who wants to gain an edge on their competition with regards to oil and natural gas commodity cycles.
-- Stephanie Bunch, CA, VP Finance & CFO

SBM (Duncan & Gil) recognized the positive & negative factors effecting oil & natural gas supply & demand well ahead of any other group I have seen. That skill set combined with their ability to articulate the outcome on commodity pricing certainly is a strategic benefit to anyone in the oil & natural gas industry in addition to anyone interested in investment in that industry. 5 Star rating!
-- James Welykochy P. Geo, MBA - Capital Markets Consultant, Director at LGX Oil Gas Inc.

SBM Inc. provided effective guidance which had significant impact on our Company's risk management decisions. SBM's unique analytical approach and insight into the non-fundamental aspect of commodity markets sets them apart from all others. Combined with an intimate knowledge of the commodity markets, SBM's timely updates and communication with clients added significant value as a trusted and valued consultant. I look forward to working with both Duncan and Gil again in the future.
-- Michael Wuetherick, Managing Director - Racin Capital Corp.

SBM provides valuable insights into commodity price trends, opportunities, and threats in the oil and gas markets. Their recommendations are directionally accurate and have been very useful to our company.
-- Bruce Beveridge, COO and VP, Production and Operations - Barrick Energy

We have used SBM's services for many years at both Provident Energy Trust and now Charger Energy Corp. We have found Duncan Robertson and Gil Dawson's approach to analyzing commodity markets to be very detailed and insightful. Their monthly analysis of a multitude of economic indicators and trends is extremely helpful in helping develop our strategic plans and also managing our commodity hedging programs. I would highly recommend their services.
-- Tom Buchanan, Chairman and CEO, Charger Energy Corp.

SBM Inc. has provided valuable insight to our organization in a manner that is well thought out and is one that has no market bias associated with it. Utilizing SBM's recommendations has provided a sound risk management measure to our business.
-- Robert Hemminger, CFO - Scollard Energy

SBM provides an up to date view of the energy commodity business. With their tools and resultant insight we have been able to better understand what is happening in the market place and feel more comfortable with our corporate decisions.
-- Russ Jensen, Managing Director, Operations - Harvard Energy

Throughout three different companies and over a period of several years I have retained Duncan and his partner Gil Dawson to provide accurate, detailed, and timely advice concerning the ever changing forces which affect energy prices. Their approach is unique and their analysis is capable of helping energy management teams make timely decisions regarding acquisitions, dispositions, hedging and capital structure.
-- Stephen Gibson, Energy and Strategic Advisor for Supreme Group Inc and Leder Investments Ltd.

I was reading the front page of the Herald [Nov. 09] and the provincial Finance Minister was saying: the fluctuations have been wild in natural gas. There's no economist that's been able to explain it adequately.
Somebody has to lead her by the ear to one of your presentations as it seems to me you guys figured it out quite some time ago!
-- VP Corporate Development, Public Oil & Gas Co.

Every time we see you guys we hedge and so far it has worked out well for us! (Sept. 09)
-- CEO, Junior Oil and Gas Producer

SBM should be a must have for ALL producers!
-- CEO, Junior Public O&G Company

Listening to SBM Inc. over the past 6 months has caused us to diversify our business base away from Western Canada keeping our business activity up [Nov. 2007].
-- Business Development Manager - Engineering and Consulting firm

SBM Inc. acts as a coach, providing us insights into crude oil and natural gas markets and timing price trend shifts. I use SBM for strategic planning purposes: debt management, capital deployment, and hedging (timing).
-- President & CEO, public oil and gas E&P Co.

Your natural gas analysis last December [2005] prompted us to sell our company. It was perfect timing!
-- COO, public O&G Co.

Very informed by your Breakfast Seminar and was able to use this knowledge to increase our confidence on an acquisition that we're presently looking at [Q3, 2006]
-- Senior Analyst, Major Integrated O&G Co.

Just a quick note to let you know that we hedged some more of our natural gas production and oil production about three weeks ago [Q3, 2005] after our discussions with SBM Inc. So far so good. Thanks for your update to us
-- COO, public O&G Co.

We feel that the three-month pilot of SBM has added value to our business. The charts have allowed us to see trends and shed light on future developments
-- VP Energy, Corporate Finance Group, Banking Industry

What you people do exceedingly well, is consolidate a great deal of data and information into an easily digestible package
-- CFO, a large public Energy Trust

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