Turnstone Strategy to Address What Big Changes 2020 Will Hold for Your Business

May 22, 2019

A Turnstone Strategy Inc. Breakfast Presentation

How Will You Know?

Not only will global oil look much different bynext year, but immediate and local impacts are at work right now. What is therisk for full storage in PADD 2, and how that could domino back intoWestern Canada? Is NGL in a glut? ……and what should we be doing about it now.These times of big shifts will see major threats and opportunities.However most companies and individuals seem to be ill prepared. Too many end upviewing them in the rear view mirror once the damage has been done or theopportunity missed.

Bigchanges are on the way. Do you want to get out in front of them? Comehear what Turnstone Strategy has to say. To register: Big Changes May 29

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