TSI Breakfast Presentation – Thursday, February 27, 2020 – Calgary, AB - Update

February 11, 2020

These are a few areas that we plan to address at our upcoming breakfast talk entitled “Perception Gaps Equal Money – Unseen Value”.

  • The stock market sees rate cuts as stimulus and a reason to buy. Why not - that has worked for over ten years. However, there are two historical outcomes tied to central bank rate cuts, one of which precedes economic contraction. How do you know which one to play?? Is there a gap there you should know about?
  • Has the nature of the global economic boom/bust cycle been repealed or just deferred?? Is there a gap there you should know about?
  • The universal consensus is that natural gas prices and natural gas equities are dead forever. Does that fit with a developing shortage of gas? Yes, we did say that! Is there a gap there you should know about?
  • The big money is made by getting out in front of the markets and knowing something important before everyone finds out. Is there big money to be made now????

Seated is limited, kindly RSVP should you plan to attend. For more information and to register:  PerceptionGaps

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