Turnstone Strategy to Address Global Economic Trends & Relationship to Crude Oil Demand

September 14, 2017

The International Energy Agency [IEA] forecast for crude oil demand in 2017 has recently been revised up by 1.5 MMBPD to 97.6 MMBPD. In 2018, growth slows slightly to 1.4 MMBPD when demand will be 99.0 MMBPD. In 4Q18, demand will reach 100.1 MMBPD, according to the IEA. What if they're wrong? In a cyclical world, the IEA's crude oil demand forecasts continue to appear linear. And by the way, how does one estimate total global crude oil consumption?

Turnstone Strategy will discuss their take on current global economic conditions and what the significance of this could mean for crude oil demand at their upcoming breakfast talk on Thursday, September 14. For more information and to RSVP click: www.commoditycycle.com

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