A TSI Webinar - How is this Crazy World going to impact You?

November 4, 2021

How is this Crazy World going to impact You?”

When onelooks around, the world seems to be crazy. The Covid virus has upended much ofour economy and society. Price spikes and supply chain disruptions areeverywhere in the news. Inflation seems ever present, yet interest rates arenear record lows.
We promised everyone 18 months ago that this decade would look nothing like thelast, and it certainly has not. We said that a major gas bull market woulddevelop, despite an almost universal belief that North American natural gaswould be in perpetual over-supply, and natural gas companies would be deadmen walking. In addition, we also said NGLs were strapping onto a rocketship and that oil would rise as long as OPEC maintained their corner onthe market, and so far they have. We talked about a world of MMT and deflationand that is what we have.
All this craziness will have a big impact on your business, your money, andyour new opportunities and threats.
From our perspective, the world is not crazy, but rather quitepredictable. It is the return of physical cyclical systems to dominateeconomic and commodity systems that is driving all this apparent craziness.This can make the apparent craziness quite predictable! If you know how(not where) to look, much of what you need to know is already there in front ofyou.
There are still massive shifts heading towards us. Come hear how they mightimpact you and your business.

We are saying what others are not thinking

Thursday,November 4, 2021

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